Creative Journal


The past seasons of life, I’ve found myself either on the shore, diving in, or in over my head. It has been a while since I last blogged. I’m not sure if you followed along in the past, came half way through the journey, or just stumbled upon my name. But however you got here, I’m happy you are here now.

I’ve struggled with creating in the past because it was hard to see myself as a creative. Yes, I went to art school my entire life. I’ve been in dances performances, walked in pageants, did public speaking, even worked in entertainment. However, none of that made me feel complete in my identity. My identity as a creative couldn’t be defined by a job title, industry or a particular skill set.

Over the years I learned that creativity is my birthright. Creativity is part of my identity in Christ. I was created to create. Creativity is my essence. It’s when I cook. It’s when I open my home for others. It’s in how I communicate with friends and family. It’s when I journal. It’s in my morning routine, and it’s how I relate and grow in intimacy with God.

This platform will serve as a creative journal. A place where I can share my heart with you. A place where I will share content that I hope you don't’ just scroll past, but take to heart. I hope it challenges you. Maybe even offend you in some areas, but the end goal is always growth and the avenue will always be love.

I’m looking forward to pushing myself creatively and bringing you along for the journey. That is, if you are willing to take the risk and come with me.  

-Dominique J.

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